I’m Zackary Zarrillo, and I’m a music blogger, artist manager, record label owner + employee, and podcaster in Philadelphia, PA and New York City, NY.

Me being punk on the First Lady of the Mayor of New York’s lap.

The First Lady of the Mayor of New York being punk at a Trash Talk set at an Afropunk Festival.

Anonymous asked:
Got any recomendations for music podcasts related to our scene? Other than Off The Record of course

Oh, I sure do!

  • Going Off Track
  • Voice & Verse
  • 100 Words Or Less
  • Song Exploder
  • Washed Up Emo
  • Nothing To Write Home About
  • Modern Vinyl
  • Your Favorite Album
  • AbsolutePunk

Inside Music Podcast #2 - Zack Zarrillo (PropertyOfZack)


After a little more than a month away it gives us great pleasure to reintroduce the Inside Music podcast. We learned a great deal from our first episode, including the necessity of high quality microphones, and have made several efforts to improve our production for this latest offering. If you have any ideas for how we can improve our efforts further, please reach out on Twitter.

This week’s episode features guest Zack Zarrillo, otherwise known as the founder of and co-founder of Bad Timing Records. Zack has been a fixture in the pop punk scene for the last several years, and though he’s only 21 he has already managed to carve a unique niche for himself in this business that has opened more doors than I am able to count. Our conversation revolves mostly around Zack’s efforts in writing, as well as his plans for future, but we do dive into his other projects and the problems that arise when someone takes on as much as he has in the past year. I’m really happy with the result, and I think those that listen to the full recording will learn to see Zack in a new way as a result.

The music you hear at the beginning of this episode is take from “That One Limp Bizkit Song” by California folk punk outfit Sledding With Tigers. Their debut album, A Necessary Bummer, is available now through Antique Records.

Our plan is to release a new podcast every week from here on out, and we already have another episode 90% complete. We hope you have as much fun listening to this show as much as we did making it. I know we’re not on the iTunes store just yet, but we will update you on that front soon. For now, let’s get to the show:

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listen & forgive

The only difference is you listen and forgive
Just take it all in and I’ll take it all back
You only need to see fireworks once a year
Just take it all in and I’ll take it all back

Off The Record: Death To TBA Shows



Off The Record, a podcast hosted by Jesse Cannon and Zack Zarrillo, is back this week with a new episode titled Death To TBA Shows.

Jesse and Zack talk about how bands create relationships, a desire to end TBA tours, album cycles + records deals, and what bands (good or bad) that got us into music

Please take a listen if you’re interested and make sure to check out the Off The Record website for show notes on the episode and for more information on how to keep up to date with us. Listen to the sixteenth episode below! 

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The ending segment of this is one of my favorites. 

But me?

Well of course I liked you