I’m Zackary Zarrillo, and I’m a music blogger, artist manager, record label owner, and podcaster in Philadelphia, PA and New York City, NY.

Gimmickcore is the title of this week’s episode of Off The Record. Jesse and I basically took a bunch of listener questions this week and turned it into a hopefully a decent show. 

Give it a spin and thank you for listening!

long week

322. 2014-07-11 @ The Emporium, NY

  • Into It. Over It.

  • Kevin Devine

323. 2014-07-12 @ Skyline Stage at Mann Center, PA

  • Brand New

324. 2014-07-14 @ Union Transfer, PA

  • Hop Along

  • Owls

325. 2014-07-16 @ The Fire, PA

  • Modern Baseball

  • Weatherbox

326. 2014-07-18 @ The Studio at Webster Hall, NY

  • Gates

  • Have Mercy

  • Pentimento

I think I speak best to you when I sing

I’ve learned to not rule out anything when it comes to you and me
Except for consistency 

Everyone says that your merch guy is super nice & adorable. I see where the get cute & adorable from, but he was kinda of rude. I was really excited to meet him, even though he's only the merch guy. I expected him to be really nice but honestly he was kind of a dick. avatar of asker



Dan Ahern is a 20 year old know-it-all asshole. We sincerely apologize on his behalf.